Latinus Monacensis

Thursday, 17 February 2011

This is my Kindgom!

This is My Kingdom!

“This is My Kingdom!”, Jesus said, when he preached His word to the Beings that surrounded him.
 “This kingdom is of the righteous, of the light; what do you fear?
 And why do you separate when you are brothers, if you are one, one in me, in the Father?”

Take and drink, satiate in the Source of Life.

Love one another as I love you and take off those old clothes, like a child who is born into a new life.
 While preaching, almost playing with words, He showed me what happened around me, in each Being.
Everyone listened with an air of hope, to the joy he contagiously spread, filled with light.

“This is your kingdom. Accept it. Love it. Do not fear anymore, all of those who live here, are a part of you.
 There is nothing to hide, because only the truth shall make you free, and I will always be in that truth, for verily I say unto you that my kingdom is of the righteous, and at any moment everyone will be able to be.
You are equal in the Light, in the pure love I have. What are you afraid of? To learn who you are?; To know how you feel?; To be judged?; To judge yourselves?
I will not do that for you, if you don’t.
Be free, love one another and accept one another, forgive one another; for in my kingdom there is all of this, all of this is Life, all of this is Light.

 My dear child, a King can relinquish the crown as I did; I do not need it, but never from his throne, never from his place in the Light, because later you will always have
to return to it, to your place in the Father.
Accept your place in the kingdom I have given you, so you can love and be righteous in the Light. This Kingdom is your heart, where my Christ Essence dwells and with it all of these beings you reject or separate as yours, because the work of the Light is the redemption of all to return to the Father.”

And then he showed me each Being, which were nothing more nor less than Hate, Love, Anger,
Pain, Joy, Jealousy, Pride, Violence, Peace, War, Compassion, etc; and so many others, all of them bewildered by the ignorance of a program that manipulates.
Be happy, understand all of those who dwell in your inner and outer realms, teach them to love themselves in the Light. Let your Heart be clear, crystalline, pure so you can be free in yourself, in Me.

For harmony, let your fears be in the Light. Love one another and be divine.
Open your kingdom, your heart, that there be no more hunger or thirst in these beings, and let me fill you with Light. Love one another as I love you!

Beloved, all of this was going on inside my heart, that kingdom of my beloved Jesus, the Christic Realm without beginning or end. 

This is My Kingdom!

Lots of Light!

Namasté! (Eugénia De Almeida)