Latinus Monacensis

Sunday, 9 January 2011


Beloved brothers!

Let something profound come up, today. Something simple, so we can more easily integrate into us. Something we trivialize, but of a great importance: TO LISTEN.
As I write, I listen to the rain outside falling, agitated, sweet and cold. I listen to the music coming out of my computer, yet I hear all the sounds that manifest around me... my conscience, my soul, you, my internal master guiding me. My motives, intentions, doubts and certainties in a row, my feelings, I try to listen even to the energy of my entire universe, micro and macro. Enjoying this harmony, not resisting I let myself go; I don’t want anything else right now...
I want to listen to the Christ who dwells in me, and when I start to want to listen to God inside me, I feel it, this wonderful Being, without Being. That fountain of light, MIKAEL METATRON, the Supreme Consciousness, the Cosmic Force that sustains us, nurtures, uplifts, quenches and transcends. I understand then, the Verb, the word of the Lord, I accept it in me; once again slowly I hear the word LISTEN.
I even hear all the archetypes that stood still and wait, they are also listening to this whole Being, silent, attentive... I realize then, we separate when we don’t listen... When sometimes it would be enough just to listen for a minute, a second even.
But as we cannot sustain this energy, this Being inside us, we complicate everything around us.
LISTENING compels us without forcing, to silence something out of tune, out of harmony, so we can come into harmony. You can almost say it is the neutralizing portal, the reconciling force. It is the Light that is revealed inside the one who stopped everything so only she can manifest, so he can go to her. Because we went to meet each other, we became One in that moment, because we share the same energy, that intimacy with God was created. 

And so was born the Pure Love.
LISTENING does not allow self-judgement or trial, contrary to Hearing; it is to accept without judging.  It is Pure Love; unconscious in the conscious, it is to have all the Virtues of the Light in one word, in one moment. It’s understanding the simplicity of our Light, Maitreya, de Metatron Mikael. Our simplicity, just because we opened this portal: LISTEN.

Beloved Brothers, all the paths are from the Light and to the Light.
We just have to LISTEN, to us, to our neighbour; it is all around us in small things, simple things and gestures. It’s in the Love that he speaks to us, about the Light; in silence and we can listen because we are all in Unity. Beloved, let us listen today to our Mother Gaia who unceasingly receives and sends codes so you can donate all the creation of the Father, its essence allowing them to return to him, The Light.
Let us listen to our internal, sometimes it even may be screaming and still, we can’t hear it; we just see a black and white silent movie, when all he just wants to say is: I LOVE YOU. YOU ARE LIGHT, YOU ARE DIVINE, LOVE ME…
Today I listened to my whole being and this was his expression - so many were the voices - so we accept and join, and only by listening, we become ONE.
Beloved, BLESSED is the one who believes even without seeing, because he listened. 

Namaste! (Eugénia de Almeida)

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Love Each Other


Love each other as I loved you and come to Me!
Love each other, love each other! LOVE!

We become One in the Light, in Pure Love.

This is the power of the word of the Lord, the Verb.

Namaste! (Eugénia de Almeida)